Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stimulus Bill Contains Millions Of Dollars To Keep Jobs Of Aides Of Defeated GOP Congressmen

While many Capitol Hill Republicans are quick to want to go the record as opposing the economic stimulus bill, none of them have taken responsibility for some programs that they slipped into the legislation. One such program was millions of dollars for a program whereby interns and other employees of GOP congressmen who lost their bids for re-election in 2008 would be still be able to keeps their jobs.

Interestingly, after a number of GOP members of congress added provisions to the economic stimulus legislation, then they still wanted to officially go on record as opposing the thousand page bill, knowing full well that the legislation would pass and their pet projects would still be funded that they slipped into the legislation. It was the ultimate in playing political games with the voters.

Such workings are unfortunately how those in the GOP in congress often play their political games. They add proposals to legislation that they know full well are going to become law, but then go on record opposing the legislation, and only hope that they are on the right side of history if public opinion turns against the legislation. And if voters like the legislation and it works well, then these members of congress claim that they actually helped to write the bill, although they actually voted against it.

This is absurd, silly and just plain pathetic political games of the very worse variety from those expected to act as statesmen and public servants for the greater good of American society. Voters should spend a little time to see which provisions their own GOP congressmen added to this legislation that they voted against.


At 6:22 PM, Blogger Jay Tea said...

I'd think about being concerned if you offered the slightest evidence to back this up. As it stands now, it seems to be purely fantasy.

Why do you have such an allergy to posting supporting links to your stuff? Do you have this delusion of infallibility that tells you you don't need to prove anything, that your every utterance is gospel truth and should never, ever be questioned?


At 7:26 AM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

Hello Jay. There actually isn't a link yet avaiable on this story. This is based on a careful analysis of the 1,070 page bill by some reporters at CNN who found a number of interesting items tucked into the bill.

In this case, some GOP members of congress helped to include $8 million dollars in spending to keep the jobs of aides of GOP members of congress who lost their bids for re-election in 2008, knowing full well the bill would pass congress and become law, but then when on record opposing the bill, knowing that their legislation would still become law.

This is a pretty good example of some of the political ganmes some are playing back in Washington.

However, my opinion is that many of these aides are probably very intelligent and talented persons, but I feel that they should have put in applications with other members of congress if they wish to seek continued employment.

But this just highlights an interesting part of this bill that few persons know about it, including most back in Washington that voted for this bill.

Jay, I haven't heard your thoughts about this bill. What do you think about it yourself?


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