Thursday, February 19, 2009

Morality In Media Endorses Communist Crackdown On Free Speech

The far right New York based Morality In Media organization has voiced support for the recent Chinese Communist Party crackdown on free speech in China. Under the phony guise of a crackdown on Internet based sexually oriented websites, the Chinese Communist Party used the recent purge to roll back Internet search freedoms opened up during the 2008 Summer Olympics that allowed reporters open access to their home news sites to report Olympic coverage. Major Internet search engines such as Google were forced by the Chinese Communists to issue apologies and to comply with their political repression and roll back of press freedoms.

It is outrageous when far right organizations such as Morality In Media voice support for the type of political repression that is still common in China despite more open trade with the United States and the world community. But antidemocratic elements of all types, whether they be the Chinese Communists, or American far right organizations such as Morality In Media all thrive by keeping people ignorant, ill informed and in the dark. These sort of intellectual dictators all trade in ignorance, lies and deceptions to peddle their control of people's intellectual freedoms. Whether they be foreign Communist officials, or American far right figures, they are all the same sort of ruthless elements who want to control other people and they all view a free press and democracy as a great danger to their shallow political power which is completely built on lies and deceptions.

It was certainly hoped the Summer Olympics would have permanently opened up more press freedom in China. However, with more Chinese accessing political information via search engines such as Google since the Olympics, Chinese Communist Party Government police agencies became fearful of losing political power with more Chinese residents than ever searching Western websites. Even searches of sexually oriented websites by millions of Chinese meant that many Chinese were beginning to question the repressive government official cultural morality as well.

The Chinese Communists were fearful of losing power and perhaps facing more Tienanmen Square type protest incidents in the future. And the Chinese Communist Party officials who are living lives of wealth and privilege, while most Chinese toil for low wages, were fearful of losing their position of power within Chinese society. Many Chinese Communist Party officials profit from all of the corporate and trade arrangements with the West, where corruption is still a major problem in this country. And the Chinese Communists are always fearful about how the Soviet Communists lost their power after Russian leader Gorbachev opened up his society somewhat and more press freedom to be critical of the government was tolerated.

One thing is pretty clear though, both the Chinese Communists and the American Morality In Media organization both fear press freedom and democracy as dangerous to their own goals of political control and economic privilege. Like their Chinese Communist counterparts, the leadership of Morality In Media live very well off of over $600,000 a year in political donations as well some $150,000 taxpayer funded federal government cash grants slipped into some spending bills by Republican Congressman Frank Wolf of Virginia. Fascists of all political stripes have much more in common with each other than not.


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