Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Response To The Bobby Jindal Post Controversy

Yesterday, on Wizbang Blue when I ran a post dealing with the serious poverty problems in Louisiana and how Republican Governor Bobby Jindal has failed to so far address these serious issues, I faced a great deal of criticism because I satirically used an Academy Award based theme based on the popular film, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, to make my point. However, even if some may object to my harmless lampoon of a popular movie to make my point, they still need to recognize the larger issues at hand that were in my discussion.

When Bobby Jindal became governor of Louisiana in 2007's off year election, he led many in his state that to believe that he was a competent leader who could address the many serious issues impacting Louisiana such as the serious damage to New Orleans as a result of the August 2005 Katrina storm and flood damage to this main city in the state. This serious storm broke levees resulting in serious loss of life, property damage and loss of business, jobs and homes. However so far, Jindal's conservative politics have really very done little to reduce the 19.2% poverty rate in Louisiana which continues to be the second worst in the entire nation. Jindal cannot be blamed for causing this huge poverty problem. However, he can be blamed for so far failing to address and work to remedy it.

Jindal is also thought to have presidential ambitions, and this has propelled him into a position as acting as a spokesman for the Republican Party opposing President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plans. However, the fact of the matter is that Jindal is accepting nearly all of the funds provided in the stimulus bill for Louisiana including the highway funds. Jindal then announced that he will just oppose the portion of the 1,000 page bill which offers an extension of unemployment insurance benefits for the citizens of Louisiana, despite the high poverty rate in the state. However this is a three year program, with the federal government offering the help for much of these years.

The fact of the matter is that Jindal is just playing cheap political games here. He has presidential ambitions with little real achievement to show, but signed on early to act as the Republican spokesman to oppose the economic stimulus bill, although accepting most all of the funds for his state. Unlike other Republican governors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger of California or Charlie Crist of Florida, who both openly praise the economic stimulus bill as vital for the economic well being of their own states, Jindal claims to oppose the legislation, yet accepts nearly all of the funds, but then only finds a minor portion of the bill to oppose, and not for good reason so that he can soapbox on the issue to further his own political career. That's mighty shallow in my view.

Jindal's politics are indeed inch deep and mighty shallow. Jindal knows full well that within three years the Obama stimulus bill efforts might well improve the national economy by then, so Louisiana will be unlikely to stuck with some bill for increasing unemployment costs which is actually a form of insurance policy paid for by employers, not workers. Jindal is simply playing to a few big corporate interests in his state by not asking them to pay their fair share after three years to sustain the unemployment insurance program once the federal help eases.

The fact of the matter is that Republican governors such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlie Crist are attempting to do the best that they can for their own citizens and realize the great benefits of the economic stimulus bill to their states and how much it means to their own people that they serve. But Jindal is merely a cheap ideologue, with a 97% partisan Republican voting record while in congress, and little spirit of compromise or bipartisanship.

Jindal is merely looking climb political ladders, even if he has to search for some minor issue such as opposing extending unemployment insurance benefits just so that he can claim to oppose something. But I think that any serious person can see this for the political nonsense that it really is.

The fact of the matter is that Jindal wants political power for himself, however the leadership abilities to back that up are somewhat absent. Jindal is merely exploiting the human suffering of thousands of unemployed Louisiana residents during this serious economic recession to further his own future political career. That's not being a good public servant in my view. Jindal's political ambitions come first with Bobby Jindal. And that's the honest truth.


At 5:10 PM, Blogger Jay Tea said...

What a load of unmitigated crap.

You write an article that is unrelenting in its criticism of Jindal, and title it with an utterly gratuitous reference to his ethnic background. How the hell is that any different from the "Barack HUSSEIN Obama" idiots?


At 9:07 AM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

Hello Jay, my friend. How are you doing?

I think there's a great deal to be critical of with Jindal's position regarding that he signed on to be the spokesman opponent for the stimulus bill for the Republican Party, yet will accept 98% of the stimulus funds for his state.

I also don't believe that my funny spoof of the Academy Awards and SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE themes was any worse than any satire from Howard Stern, John Stewart's DAILY SHOW, David Letterman, Jay Leno or others. How many jokes has David Letterman ever told about Turban wearing cab drivers for example? A great many is the number. Like Letterman I only made a joke for comedy value. You know that I always have great respect for all persons, and that many fine Indian Americans work as doctors or business professionals. And Jindal is a fine example of a member of the Indian-American community that has made a huge mark on Louisiana politics because of his high intelligence and abilities.

But I object to his severe partisanship, and making the unemployed of his state the butt of his future political ambitions. Jindal also had some very radical views regarding sex offenders that went far beyond prison time or normal punishments that I did not even touch on here, that gives a further hint of his political extremism.

My biggest objections to Jindal is that he is not a centrist politician in the typical mode, but an extremist who appeals to some of the worst old fashioned Southern political leanings in Louisiana. Jindal might also be the favorite of many White racists as well because his politics is very similar to theirs than not. What is Jindal trying to communicate with opposing an extension of unemployment benefits anyway? Think about it?

Jay, I know that I sometimes write stuff with a lot of political edge in it. But I live in a very liberal city with alternative political newspapers who even go much further yet. I'm hardly out of the norm for my left leaning journalism in this city by any means. If anything, I'm sometimes nearly a neoconservative on some foreign policy issues sometimes. And over on Wizbang Blue I might possibly be the most conservative of the three writers although I'm certainly a political liberal on a few foreign policy matters such as opposing Hamas.

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Jay Tea said...

Wow. I minimized my comment, hoping to give you as little opportunity to bloviate, but you still managed to spend paragraph after paragraph after paragraph not answering the question.

I'll repeat it:

How is your reference to Jindal's ethnic heritage (he was born in the US, by the way) any different from those who keep referring to "Barack HUSSEIN Obama," or bring up his half-brother living in squalor in Africa, or his illegal alien aunt?


At 8:59 PM, Blogger razorriley said...

Sure, I'm one of the many individuals sitting on the sidelines watching politics and saying nothing. YOu will quickly condemn my ideas with your "blogs" and so-called "insightful insider ideas." My DVR didn't tape Obama's whole speech, so I searched the internet for it and the Republican response by Govenor Jindal. I found your website when conducting a search for the video on Google. "Progressive" ... that is your website name - seriously? Do you even know Bobby Jindal's position? Do you even understand the laws of supply and demand? Do you even know that local businesses are expected to pay for programs under Obama's "great plan" that will cause them to go "out of business" and lead to increased unemployment because of the "strings" attached to this bailout? This "government" (uh, Obama) is requiring that businesses foot the bill later to "support" these ideas rather than fund programs that help people "help themselves." More so, this will affect you, your family, and your friends. We are talking your local pharmacist, the hardware store owner, and your local vet. This package isn't a stimulus package. Have you ever asked yourself why wall street has NOT reacted positively over the past several weeks - why the stock market isn't increasing because of the so-called "stimulus" plan? This is not an economic recovery plan. This is a band aid. What a joke. Progressive values? Obviously, you don't care about your local community. Sure, I'll post my info and watch you blast me. But, these ideas posted are such a joke. It is almost embarrassing that such uneducated ideas are allowed to be made public.

At 8:01 AM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

Jay and Razorriley, I know that I went for some cheap laughs in my Bobby Jindal satire comparing him to that young actor in SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. it wasn't my finest moment ever, but just a little humor based on the Academy Awards since I'm such a major movie fan.

I'm certainly not going to blast your comments here, Razorriley. Your opinions are honest and heartfelt.

But my views about Jindal are this. There was high expectations that this GOP response given by Jindal was going to be an audition for a serious run at the 2012 presidential nomination by a young "boy wonder" type politician. And instead he fell very flat. Likely the party will find another old fart to run in 2012, because this party seems to reward long time party service rather than ability, much like the old Soviet Politburo used to. Witness, figures like Nixon, Reagan, Bush1, Dole and McCain, who were often rewarded with their party nomination more as a lifetime GOP service reward than anything.

But Jindal's main problem was lack of substance. Few Americans oppose the economic stimulus bill because it includes a little bit of funds to monitor active volcanoes in the U.S. Hey, I personally got volcanic ash all over me and my car when Mt. St. Helens blew, ruining my car's paint job with this fine rock, and breathing this stuff in didn't do my lungs a bit of good either. This volcano caused millions of dollars in damage and spread all the way to Portland, Oregon and beyond, miles from the violent explosion.

Jindal is accepting 98% of all the Stimulus funds for his state, or $4 billion dollars you know, but just refusing just 2% or $100 million that would go to expanding unemployment insurance benefits in his state. That's hardly any real firm political basis to oppose this bill. I bet most of those in congress or the senate who voted for this supported less 98%, probably more like 80% of it's goals.

But please feel very free to comment here Razorriley. Like Jay or any other here, you are most welcome to help advance discussions here.

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