Sunday, September 21, 2008

U.S. Economic Crisis Increasing Suicide Hotline Calls

The current U.S. economic crisis is creating an increase in calls to suicide hotline centers as families struggle with job layoffs, home foreclosures, stock collapses, possible bank failures and numerous other problems. In Portland, Oregon for example the local suicide hotline is currently working on a new program to train 30 more persons to work as online counselors to deal with the public depression over economic failures and troubles.

The fact of the matter is that this is yet another Republican Administration that has brought serious economic troubles to the United States once again. Ever since 1932 with Herbert Hoover and the Great Depression, nearly every Republican presidential administration has been characterized by some sort of economic slowdowns or troubles, while under most Democratic administrations the American economy has often boomed with record output levels at times. Only during some portion of the Reagan Administration, did a Republican administration have a short period of boom times, but that was after following some serious economic slowdown times including the sacking of supply-sider David Stockwell.

Families are once again living in economic uncertainty during Republican control of the White House. Again American families are suffering with economic policies that don't work.

The Bush Administration government came into power as largely an oligarchy government of oil industry and defense contractor interests whose main policy was to restart the old Gulf War in Iraq to gain some control over Iraq's oil supplies. Instead the result was sharply increased oil prices, up to 1.2 million Iraqi dead due to the cycle of violence and up to 2 million Iraqi refugees. And a U.S. economy sent into more problems after the economic problems resulting from 9/11.

It is little wonder that many persons are becoming depressed?


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