Sunday, September 14, 2008

Will The Pro-Corporate Welfare McCain-Palin Ticket Cut Your Wages Or Benefits?

Just as the right wing McCain-Palin ticket moves into a tiny national poll lead, wrongfully attracting the votes of many working class victims of the failed Bush Administration, these voters need to seriously ask whether this pro-corporate welfare ticket won't reduce their benefits while they struggle to make ends meet?

John McCain has a pathetic 11% voting record in favor of issues impacting working people compared to the stellar 98% record of Obama by the AFL-CIO. And McCain has opposed increasing the minimum wage on a fairly consistent basis since he was sworn into office as a congressman in January 1983. McCain even supported a radical antilabor union bill that would have made the entire U.S. one big "right to work" state, thereby reducing wages and benefits of workers. Millions of workers would have seen huge wage and benefit reductions such as a possible loss of health insurance or retirement security.

Even in polling conducted by the McCain Campaign, there seems to be an obsession to ask those questioned whether they are union members or not. McCain is one of the most antilabor union candidates the Republicans have ever run for office. It is only through labor unions that many Americans have even been able to enjoy a rise to a middle class lifestyle or job security and home ownership. McCain puts this middle class lifestyle at great risk for working people. Is this really the sort of "reform" that working people really want?

Former Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan, who is both conservative and Republican oriented himself, even questions McCain's screwball economics. Greenspan does not believe that McCain can hand the big business community massive tax cuts without also cutting important social services such as Medicare or Social Security. Who wants to give away their retirement security for themselves or their parents just so that big oil companies can get some new billion dollar tax cuts when they are already reaping record profits? This is "reform"?

Neither McCain or Palin have ever run anything any larger than some small elective office with a few staffers. Neither have actually run a business, yet both would direct so much of the economic policies that we all live under including the business community. If McCain applied his record of years opposing decent wages, benefits and labor unions to working people in America, then millions could only see huge wage and benefit cuts and be thrust into poverty. McCain-Palin could certainly make the current economic problems in the U.S. far worse than they already are.

In his short career in the Senate, Senator Obama has at least proven that with a 98% support for working people issues that he won't throw millions of Americans under the bus to give huge tax cuts to the big oil companies or other nonsense like McCain seems to clearly advocate in his shallow one inch deep campaign built on petty personality attacks on Obama and advocacy for a few big greedy corporate interests like big oil. And with his role as a community organizer, Obama has also proven an ability to create lasting changes in a community for the better as well. Organizing poor people to vote for candidates who economically improve their community was an important first step in community improvement.

The fact of the matter is that with such serious economic challenges rapidly making the U.S. a declining world economic power, McCain only promises to worsen things with more of the same, but even worse economic policies than even Bush. The McCain Campaign continues to ridicule Obama for daring to even offer hope or a vision for a better America, instead asking voters to further economically decay this nation with the wrong sort of economic policies instead. McCain and Palin have no real vision for this country. Obama talks about creating millions in new jobs in high tech and alternate energy areas by comparison. McCain only wants to be president because he believes it's his turn because he's one of the oldest GOP senators. That's a pretty poor reason to elect the guy president. The old Soviet Politburo used to elect leaders to higher office based on the absurd same old-age criteria until they finally elected a young reformer Mikhail Gorbachev and improved decades of society economic and civil liberties declines.

Obama is the only major presidential candidate with a clear vision for America. He promises to challenge America to become great nation once again just like John Kennedy once did, when the U.S. became the undisputed world economic powerhouse and greatly respected worldwide. Instead McCain is a prowar candidate only certain to anger many in the world community and further isolate the United States in the world community in the U.N., and in other critical areas where international cooperation are needed among the over 200 world governments.

If you like economic decline and a further loss of U.S. prestige around the world, then McCain is clearly your man. But if you love your country and believe it is supposed to have a great and bright future then Obama is your clear choice. It is a clear choice between a rusted out, run down city on the hill, or a bright shining one with a real future.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger Jay Tea said...

Sorry to interrupt your little fantasy there with such rude reality, but when you said "Neither McCain or Palin have ever run anything any larger than some small elective office with a few staffers. Neither have actually run a business, yet both would direct so much of the economic policies that we all live under including the business community," I think you meant Obama and Biden.

John McCain ran an entire Naval Air Squadron. Sarah Palin chaired the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission until she resigned in protest over the unethical conduct of her fellow Republicans. Further, she is a co-owner of a commercial fishing company, with the rest of her family. And yes, she is currently governor of an entire state.

Finally, her husband is a member in good standing of the United Steelworkers. He had a management position at BP, but took a leave of absence when they started negotiating with his wife the governor -- then, later, returned in a non-management position to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

Let me correct you, "Neither Obama NOR Biden have ever run anything any larger than some small elective office with a few staffers. Neither have actually run a business, yet both would direct so much of the economic policies that we all live under including the business community."

Once again, you do a fine job of aiming at your political opponents -- but instead shoot the hell out of your own people.


At 12:03 PM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

Jay, your point about Sarah Palin and the family fishing business is well taken. My research missed that point, and I'll correct this error when this runs on Wizbang Blue.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Jay Tea said...

You actually did research? Without event trying, I showed that your main thesis was 180 degrees WRONG -- that your accusation about McCain and Palin is not only completely untrue, but describes perfectly the candidates you're supporting. You couldn't be more ass-backwards if you TRIED, or you were Lee Ward.

I'd recommend scrapping this piece entirely. I'd say that you'd get your head handed to you, but Lee's managed to drive off nearly anyone who disagrees from the party line.



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