Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama's Secret Election Weapon

If the election remains close by election day, the Obama Campaign may be able to pull off a big election day turnout surprise by registering and turning out as many of the 55 million unregistered persons over 18 out to vote as possible, tipping many close states over to Obama.

Right now many of the unregistered 55 million adults in the U.S. are among some minority groups and younger persons, two demographics that strongly support Obama.

Both political parties are likely to closely organize efforts to turn out their voters in great numbers. But with superior donation numbers, the Democrats may hold an advantage in not only turning out their voters in big numbers but also registering many voters who are likely to support Obama and the Democrats.

And all of bad economic news from Wall Street is only likely to pull the poling numbers closer for Obama as well. With McCain representing basically a third Bush term for many voters, a wave of voters seeking change could send Mr. Obama to the White House.


At 1:02 AM, Blogger Jay Tea said...

This strategy is already being tried;


(Note that the "freep" is the Detroit Free Press, NOT Free Republic)

Yup, ACORN -- Obama's old buddies from his community organizer days -- are once again submitting fraudulent voter registration forms by the bushel, and running afoul of those pesky election laws -- you know, the ones that make such rigorous campaigning a FEDERAL OFFENSE and a FELONY.

You seem to be saying, in other words, that Obama can still win this if his cronies can sneak enough fraudulent registrations past election officials and stuff ballot boxes with ringers come election day. I sincerely hope not.


At 11:07 AM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

Like all law abiding citizens, anyone who uses election fraud should be subject to prosecution. But I certainly don't know of any such organized fraud with either campaign, just efforts to register or turn out voters.

What bothers me is how the votes are counted. In the previous governor's race in Washington state that was extremely close many supporters of the Republican candidate tried to claim foul when a box of votes from Seattle that was legally cast on election day that was mistakenly excluded in the first count was included in the recount figures. Some Republicans wanted these legally cast votes not counted.

And in the 2000 election, lawyers for Bush went to court in Florida to stop the recount in several counties paid for by the Gore Campaign.

It was Communist tyrant Josef Stalin that once proclaimed, "It's not those who vote that counts, it's those who count the votes that counts".

At 11:46 AM, Blogger Jay Tea said...

Let's see... unproven allegations of voting irregularities are cause for hysteria, but ACORN's proven, documented (through criminal convictions) history of faking voter registrations is not worth talking about?

Oh, yeah, because ACORN cheats on behalf of the people you like, so that's OK.

Got it.



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