Tuesday, September 16, 2008

High Performance Four Wheeled Motorcycles Run Into Importing Troubles

Wild new high performance machines such as the $65,000 GG Quadster which is built in Switzerland, and which uses a powerful 167 hp BMW inline four cylinder probably won't be seen much on American streets, not only because of the high asking price, but the Department Of Transportation and most states legally regard any motor vehicle with more than three wheels as an automobile rather than a motorcycle. This requires air pollution controls, airbags, and other equipment required for automobiles but not motorcycles. This leaves wild fantasy machines like the GG Quadster likely out of reach for anyone seriously wanting to own one.

This is the problem with DOT and state regulations. Creative minds can conceive of wild new transportation ideas, only to find that they are impossible to market in the United States. Further more restrictive driver's license rules for motorcycle use may deter some potential riders from seeking out two, three or even four wheel transportation alternatives.

Sometimes fantasy of the creative mind far exceeds what reality laws may actually allow. But you can't help but be awed at the GG Quadster. It's king of the wild machines, and with a wild price tag to match as well. It's like Tiffany's meets the daredevil show.


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