Sunday, September 28, 2008

Senator Obama Might Be On The Verge Of An Electoral Vote Landslide

After an impressive debate performance by Senator Barack Obama he continues to hang onto a six point lead in the latest Rasmussen Poll with many "red states" that voted for George Bush in 2004 very close or else Obama leading in some.

At this point, Obama leads in every state won by John Kerry except small New Hampshire as well as in Iowa, New Mexico, Virginia, Colorado and North Carolina. Ohio, Nevada, Florida are very close. Obama isn't expected to win in tiny Montana, but the polls are fairly close there as a sign of how the Republicans are running weaker this year than 2004. Missouri may be within range for Obama as well. If Obama carries all of these states he could crush the McCain Campaign with well over 300 electoral votes, by several million popular votes, and by a range of six points to even about ten points. This would be a crushing loss for the Republicans.

After the Republican Convention and with the pick of Sarah Palin, McCain enjoyed a solid election bounce that went away with the serious economic problems. And with Obama picking up momentum, and his strong debate performance in what was supposed to be McCain's strongest area, foreign policy, Obama is looking more likely than ever to win this election, and by a decisive margin. The only real question may be how large the McCain loss may be.


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