Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Some wild new concept sketches of a retro-styled AMC Gremlin has been circulating on web, along with a claim that some millionaire AMC fan business tycoon will bring the company back as a full-line automobile manufacturer once again for 2010.

The reality sadly is that it was just a gag. However, some sketches from HOT ROD Magazine of some retro styled AMC cars have been posted on the web for adoring fans of this car company that was acquired by Chrysler Corporation in 1987.

The Gremlin sketch involves many of the styling cues from the original car line from April 1970 when it was introduced on April Fools Day as a midyear model.

Any fans of these unique little cars cannot help but be impressed at this sketch and probably only hope that it was really going to roll out as new model for 2010. But loyal fans saved the Studebaker Avanti model several times over the years, so if anyone has tons of money and loves the little Gremlin, the mission to bring the car back may be extremely difficult, but not entirely impossible.


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