Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain Campaign Fighting Off Story About Sarah Palin's Affair

Stuck in a declining campaign with sagging poll numbers, a clear loss in Friday night's debate, and a vice presidential candidate who cannot give serious or intelligent interviews, the beleaguered McCain Campaign is now fighting with THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER over a new allegation story that Sarah Palin had an affair with a business partner of her husband's former snowmobile business that nearly destroyed their marriage.

According to the story run by THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER, while Palin was the mayor of Wasilla back in 1996, her husband, Todd Palin, ran a snowmobile dealership with a business partner, Brad Hanson. And Hanson and Sarah Palin had an affair that caused Hanson and Todd Palin to dissolve their business partnership while the affair nearly wrecked the Palin marriage.

THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER also presented evidence that no less than three members of Hanson's family have confirmed the Sarah Palin and Brad Hanson affair story as absolutely true, In addition, Hanson family insider, Jim Burdett, has passed a polygraph test according to THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER as well, while the McCain Campaign has gone as far as threatening the newspaper with a lawsuit in an effort to stomp out this latest trouble for the McCain Campaign.

The story now becomes the latest problem for the McCain Campaign which has had serious credibility problems with so many of the statements and facts espoused by both McCain and Palin. Palin has already been caught up in nonsensical stories about a state owned jet in which she lost $600,000 for the state that she claimed was sold on Ebay, when that story turned out not to be quite true as Palin had misled voters to believe . Palin has also continued to confuse voters about her actual position on "The Bridge To Nowhere", when there are are actually two "Bridge To Nowhere" projects and Palin has only spun silly tales to look like some hero on the issue when the facts indicate that she actually supported the project, not opposed it as she claimed. The McCain Campaign has also kept Palin from interviews from most serious reporters because she cannot seriously and intelligently answer most of their questions on issues or else makes up some new story about some heroic thing she achieved as mayor or governor in Alaska which fact checks soon dispel as false or not quite true.

Palin was supposed to lure in Christian Right voters and solidify McCain's shaky base among Republican Party conservatives, but now the story about Palin's affair only raises new doubts among those voters about any real commitment to socially conservative issues or so-called "traditional values". Indeed even the 2008 Republican Party Platform had some of the weakest socially conservative language as seen in years because of the control of the convention by McCain delegates.

John McCain was well known to have broken up his first marriage with an affair. His first wife Carol waited five long years for him to return from prison in North Vietnam after being shot down and captured. Carol McCain was even badly injured in an automobile accident, but John McCain soon started an affair with the woman who eventually became his current wife. With the new story of the Palin affair, as well as the known McCain marriage problems, only raises more questions about the honesty and character of both McCain and Palin.

Popular television evangelist and author of over 30 books, Dr. Robert Schuller has long condemned adultery as a trust breaker, and argued that anyone who would cheat on their marriage cannot be trusted in business or elsewhere because they have proven themselves to be dishonest. Now the troubled McCain-Palin ticket is battling more of these trust issue problems and more credibility troubles with the new story about the claimed affair by vp candidate Sarah Palin running in the ENQUIRER.


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