Monday, January 14, 2008

Do Republican Presidential Candidates Have Anything To Offer Michigan Workers?

On Tuesday, Republican candidates Mitt Romney and John McCain will vie to win their party primary in Michigan, but the real question is do they have really have anything to offer Michigan working families?

The reality is many Republican lawmakers have a weak record on labor issues, and many are openly antiunion in their sentiments. Many support free trade policies that have helped to take American jobs and export them to labor cheap nations. And some like John McCain simply talk about job training so that Michigan workers can take on a job at a fraction of the wages of their lost union autoworker job. Is any of this really any solution at all?

While it is certainly true that Republican voters differ in their values than Democrats, still most people rely on a job to put food on the table or to provide shelter. And regardless of what party you belong to, why vote for candidates who are against good wages, health care benefits, a union job or favor exporting your job to some labor cheap nation? That makes no sense at all.


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