Saturday, January 12, 2008

My QWEST Service Nightmare

After days and days of lost phone and internet service, thanks to serious storm damage to the house and a terrible clerical error at QWEST, I'm back. My lost internet connection took place a few weeks ago when a heavy rain storm did an estimated $40,000 of damage to my home causing telephone line problems. And then QWEST greatly complicated the problem by disconnecting my phone service due to some clerical error even though all my bills have been paid in full to them after the recent death of both parents.

In Seattle's business office for QWEST, most of the staff were particularly unhelpful and even refused me access to my own phone account or to authorize reconnection or repair services. My lawyer had to send the same legal documents to QWEST twice since January 3, which they only managed to lose twice during that time. And I had to arrange extra law office visits and actions by my attorney to get my phone service reconnected. Normally a person should not have to spend an entire week working with lawyers and spending for the same Circuit Court documents to be sent over and over again just to get their phone reconnected when it never should have been disconnected in the first place. But QWEST is a nightmare of bureaucratic ineptness, and I certainly cannot recommend them to anyone after this experience. It is a rare business that disregards official Circuit Court documents and orders. Most businesses would not want to risk contempt of court risks for such actions.

Why someone at QWEST decided to disconnect my phone service in the first place is a good question. All my bills were fully paid. And instead of being helpful, most QWEST reprentatives either attempted to use my request for help as an excuse to attempt to try to sell me more QWEST services when I didn't even have my phone service restored. On staffer even attempted to lecture me about religion, which I didn't realize was an officially sanctioned QWEST function.

I'll give credit to the line repairmen from QWEST who successfully reconnected the brand new phone line that I ran into the house. They were professional and helpful compared to the QWEST office staffers who give the THREE STOOGES a serious run for their money. But then again, how many persons have to climb a high ladder and connect their own new incoming house phone line themselves?

I'll give my lawyers great credit for getting my phone and internet service back yesterday after days and days of legal problems with QWEST. And I'll credit the lineworkers at QWEST as being some of the only people in their entire organization to know what they're really doing. Thank God for lawyers. They really do the Lord's work when you're in real legal mess. Lawyers deserve all the same level of respect that doctors or other professionals are given.


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