Sunday, October 07, 2007

General Petraeus Begins Media Effort To Clear Way For Bombing Iran

General David Petraeus is apparently becoming part of a joint political effort by both the military and the Bush White House to politically demonize Iran and help to justify the way for the bombing of IED factories or other military targets in Iran. Petraeus was part of an unusual political message attempt Sunday to claim that the Iranian UN Ambassador is part of the Iranian paramilitary involved with the arms smuggling of IEDs into Iraq. This is highly unusual to use the military in this political manner, yet the Bush White House is likely trying to manipulate American opinion enough so that a bombing campaign against Iran can soon be justified.

In the coming week, it is likely that more attempts will be made to manipulate American public opinion to justify a bombing campaign against Iran including the political use of the military. After the successful raid on a suspected North Korean weapons sites in Syria, by Israel, the Bush White House may have become enboldened to attack Iran in a limited bombing campaign against some military sites in Iran and see whether there is any significant political or foreign policy fallout damage. Once the Bush Administration feels that their case has been laid out, a sudden surprise limited bombing mission in Iran, probably using stealth aircraft, will likely take place, and then the Bush Administration will assess the political fallout and decide whether to plan for larger attacks in Iran.

The advantages to the U.S. would be less deaths of U.S. forces from IEDs and arms smuggling. However, the political fallout from Iran is unpredictable and could even trigger Iranian sponsored terrorism against U.S. civilians and landmarks similiar to 9/11 as it has been long suspected that Iran may be using their UN mission to help organize U.S. cells of proIranian terrorists. This could all trigger a cycle of revenge and killings that could soon drag both the U.S. and Iran into an all-out war situattion and become unpredictable as to the impact on the world oil supply as well shipped from the MidEast.

It clearly appears that both the Bush Administration and the military have far more in mind than merely laying out a complaint case against Iran over the IED matter, and seem to be laying out a clear path for some military action against Iran that could take place within days.


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