Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hillary Clinton Achieves The Magic "50%" Mark In A New Poll

A fresh new CNN poll out just yesterday has put Hillary Clinton in a position in which she is virtually assured of winning the Democratic nomination in the next few weeks when the January primary events begin. In the new poll, Clinton now commands a huge 53% to 20% advantage over Senator Barack Obama. Former Senator John Edwards lags at just 13%. Others like Richardson, Dodd, Biden, Kucinich and Gravel are much farther behind and barely register any measurable support.

In recent election history, any candidate that registers over 50% in any CNN polling has always gone on to win their party nomination.

While Giuliani continues to lead with 33% support in the CNN polling, Rasmussen's polling which uses a different method of only using likely voters finds a much tighter race with Fed Thompson at 22%, Giuliani at 20%, Romney at 17% and McCain at just 11%, which is slightly better than the 9% floor he hit a few days ago. 27% of Republican voters were also inclined to support a third party prolife candidate if Rudolph Giuliani gets the nomination, which is certainly a bad omen for Republicans going into the 2008 election. Thompson would almost certainly lose the election, while Giuliani is more electable but internal problems in support hurt his chances at being elected.

Overall, the track record of Rasmussen reports and Scott Elliot's Election Projection websites rate as the two most accurate polling or election analysis websites and seem to most accurately predict the actual mood of the voters at any given snapshot point.


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