Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Study Proves That Immigrants Are Less Likely To Commit Crimes Than Native-Born Americans

A new study from University of California-Irvine sociologist Ruben G. Rumbaut and Immigration Policy Center researcher Walter A. Ewing found that the figures for incarceration rates are lower for all immigrant groups, both legal and illegal, and for all ethnic gtroups and nationalities than for native-born Americans. Yet the American political right continues to misrepresent some isolated cases of criminals from foreign lands who entered the U.S. illegally and were arrested for some crime here as the norm.

It has become popular for programs ranging from right wing talk radio all the way to CNN's populist anti-illegal immigration host Lou Dobbs to highlight many isolated stories of an illegal alien who was arrested for some crime as typical of the conduct of many if not most illegal immigrants, yet this authoritive new study disproves the wrong premise of these right wing leaning hosts. Even right winger Laura Ingram has hit #`1 on the book charts last week with her absurd new book, POWER TO THE PEOPLE, which offers silly premises on issues ranging from media to immmigration, glued together with wrong facts.

The political right is so desperate to promote their racist line against illegal immigrants, most of which merely came to the U.S. as economic refugees to escape poverty in their own land to work hard at some low paying American job, often in agriculture or food processing, that they continue to promote racist myths to smear immigrants with stories that are the exception, not the rule involving immigrants.


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