Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Proof That The Fat Lady Has Sung For Britney

As if any more proof that the life of Britney Spears is not in a final meltdown, her new single, GIMME MORE barely moved on the pop charts from #56 to #54 this week, proving that airplay is declining and that Spears is no longer even a top 40 music act any longer. This is vitual proof that her musical career is over.

With all of her personal problems including her losing child custody, the fact that her music comeback appears to be crashing is a huge new bad omen for the once popular singer. She no longer makes headlines for her music, but for all the "trainwreck" problems in her life. Today the main subject on DR. PHIL is the crash of Britney Spears for example. Dr. Phil's message to Spears, "Get help" before it's too late and things get even worse.

With all of the serious news that could be reported, the tragic decline of Britney Spears somehow continues to fascinate the public.
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