Sunday, May 27, 2007

TV Shows That Won't Be Back Next Year

Some pretty good TV shows have been officially cancelled and won't be returning next year. Some of the shows like CROSSING JORDAN is a huge loss. It was a great show that deserves to live on with cable TV. CLOSE TO HOME is another acceptably good drama, with no real reason to cancel this show either. GEORGE LOPEZ provided many great laughs since his March 2002 midseason debut. This show will be missed as well. THE WAR AT HOME was an acceptable comedy as well, with at least a few laughs.

But the loss of a great comedy like THE KING OF QUEENS is indeed a big loss. This comedy drew really great ratings recently compared to the new also departing comedy, THE CLASS, which was inferior in nearly every regard. GILMORE GIRLS and REBA were two more decent programs that will not return.

Some TV shows like JUSTICE just never seemed to click with viewers. although it was a very good drama. Andy Richter's good detective comedy, ANDY BARKER:PI was a quick failure, although it managed to put a lot of quality comedy into a 30 minute slot. STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP seemed pretty unfulfilling, and more empty than full.

JERICHO held great promise. It also had some loyal fans as well. But just not enough of them to save it from cancellation. RAINES, staring quirky actor, Jeff Goldblum, was a fairly good midseason replacement drama. But the viewers just didn't come along in great enough numbers. SMITH sure looked like a great drama, but was a quick rare drama failure for CBS. STARGATE:SG-1 was a great cable series, and will certainly be missed by it's many loyal fans. IDENTITY was a great game show, and certainly deserves a regular TV slot, and not cancellation. THE O.C. might be missed by a few. The comedy, 20 GOOD YEARS was just plain bad.

Some great TV shows are caught in limbo land somewhere, and could be back or could be cancelled including, ACCORDING TO JIM, a great comedy, and the ratings challenged, but critically acclaimed, VERONICA MARS. Whether these shows will return at some point is questionable. Another show, LAS VEGAS has undergone some devastating cast changes, and this could spell a ratings disaster this season, although it will be back on the fall lineup. Donald Trump's THE APPRENTICE probably won't be back. TRUMP found out it wasn't on the fall lineup, although could be brought in at midseason, and in order to appear to be in charge and save face claimed he planned to quit the show. This might just be a mutual way of ending this series.

A few new shows like CAVEMEN over at ABC sure looks like a bad show, and might be a quick cancellation if ABC would like to bring ACCORDING TO JIM back. Some other dramas like the new version of BIONIC WOMAN could be another rare Sci Fi hit for NBC next to HEROES.

September will prove interesting. Some new shows hold promise, while some classics like CROSSING JORDAN and THE KING OF QUEENS will be sorely missed.


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