Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bad, Worse and Much Worse

They say that bad things seem come in three's. Bob Beckel, Democratic strategist recently had a scuffle in a parking lot resulting over an antiwar bumper sticker that finally resulted in a punch to the face, reportedly leaving Beckell with a black eye.

A female staffer for Senator Barack Obama was recently socked in the face by a reported professional football player in a Washington bar, reportedly leaving her with a black eye.

A Portland, Oregon woman who is seven months pregnant was recently punched in stomach by a mentally ill man for no reason at all while eating at a local Burger King.

Under the grand scheme of things, it could be said that the black eye for Bob Beckel was bad, the football player punching a woman in the face was even worse, and the black eye for the unborn baby was much worse. Bad things do indeed come in three's.


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