Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rev. Jesse Jackson Is Yet To Offer An Apology For His Strong Attacks On The Duke LaCrosse Students Who Had Charges Dropped

Rev. Jesse Jackson certainly made his mind clear on the Don Imus matter the last few days, and yet has made no real public apology for his strong and racially moltivated statements about the Duke students who were falsely accused in this phony rape scandal.

Rev. Jackson tried to downplay any real involvement that he had in the story, and his rush to judgement, but stopped well short of any public apology to the falsely accused students this evening on CNN's ANDERSON COOPER. Jackson once made a major issue of the minor brushes with the law of some of the students such as the public urination of one student, while ignoring the arrest record of the accusing African American stripper.

Rev. Jackson's sentiments are typical of someone who is so self-righteous that they get their facts wrong, and helped to fuel a public trial of the accused students before they were even allowed to present their side of the case. In the case of the Don Imus situation, Jackson was quick to jump on the bandwagon, causing MSNBC to cancel the show after 11 years despite no real violations of any FCC rule or a libel law while Imus told his botched Rutgers joke. Yet Jackson won't be banned from the public airwaves like Don Imus will be.


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