Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Israel May Be Losing Moral High Ground With Attack On U.N. Forces And Allegations Of Dirty Warfare Weapons

It should normally be easy to side with a modern democratic country like Israel compared to cowardly terrorists. But Israel is doing a good job giving up their moral high ground with the attack on U.N. forces and their rescuers Tuesday. If this is found to not be accidental and deliberate, then the world community should vote tough economic and arms sanctions against Hezbollah and Israel both. The terrorist attacks of Hezbollah are unacceptable as are any attacks on U.N. forces by Israel if proven not accidental.

Further there is some evidence that Israel may be using weapons similar to white phosphorus, incendiary, Mark 77 fuel gel or napalm to clear away Hezbollah from their deep bunkers. This is resulting in some horrific burn injuries to civilians including children whose faces have been virtually melted from the use of such horror weapons.

Surgeons are also reporting terrible injuries from shrapnel from some sort of new Israeli weapns that leave only a small entrance hole, but blow out a huge exit hole, and leave tiny sandlike fragments of shrapnel that be toxic matter or even radioactive, and usually destroy internalorgans or result in limb amputations.

Much of the world offered some sympathy to Israel when Hezbollah terrorists targeted Israeli civilians. But this moral high ground is quickly being lost in the wake of the attack on U.N. forces and the increasing allegations of dirty warfare weapons.

Like all wars, civilians including women and children appear to be paying the highest price. On both sides far more civilians than combatants have suffered injuries or death so far. This is a dirty and disgusting war, and is doing long term damage to Israel's reputation. Hezbollah has no reputation. so they can't slip much farther in world opinion. But Israel stands to lose the most. In recent years they have gained respect in Russia or other formerly hostile states. Israel can't afford to lose this new found respect. But attacks on U.N. forces and allegations of dirty warfare are very corrosive to world sympathy.


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