Saturday, July 22, 2006

Kevin Smith's CLERKS II Is Getting Good Reviews Despite Joel Seigel

Independent filmmaker, Kevin Smith has been getting strong reviews for his latest film, CLERKS II. According to the current tally of the nation's film critics, 66% like the new film, while only 34% do not.

This film is typical of the controversial and low brow humor that Kevin Smith is known for, yet that endears some fans, although turns some others off. Film critic Joel Seigel actually walked out of the film due to the raw humor, and it created a radio call-in confortation on-air that continued on Kevin Smith's blog. But regardless of what you think of the humor, you have to admire that Kevin Smith does at least take the time to stay in contact with his movie fans through his blog. How many stars bother to do this outside of Gilbert Gottfried and his self promoting blog?

Maybe instead of sending Condoleezza Rice to the MidEast for diplomacy, she needs to mend the ongoing war between Kevin Smith and Joel Seigel which has only continued today on his blog. Smith is still defending his movie against Seigel, although with 66% positive reviews he hardly needs to do so. The film may not be for all tastes, but Smith does have his fans, including Ben Affleck who has been involved in six of Smith's films as a prime example.

Jay Leno and others have given Smith good coverage this week, only insuring that CLERKS II will be a hit for Smith. With so much fan support, Smith can't fail, regardless of whether Seigel or others think that this film is gross garbage or not. When Smith can even get booked on REGIS & KELLY, a show that is about as mainstream as you can get, where few of the average housewife types that watch will even bother to see any of Smith's films, outside of his more conventional JERSEY GIRL.

Smith should have a fairly strong weekend. He seems to be endeared as the nation's favorite independent filmmaker, which isn't a bad position to be in at this point.

You can check out Kevin Smith's blog at and read more about the Smith/Seigel CLERKS II review feud.


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