Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Israeli Voters Prove Great Wisdom & Maturity In Vote Despite Increased MidEast Worries

The voters in Israel proved a great level of maturity and wisdom in this week's elections, choosing moderate parties such as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima and the Labor Party as the parties drawing the most votes. The right wing Likud Party dropped from 38 seats down to just 11 seats, and is now in fifth place among the parties in strength in Israel's parliament.

Likud's drop to fifth place in the parliament even threatens it's future existence as a major party in Israeli politics. Even Shas, a party that appeals to Orthodox Jews who have a longer Middle Eastern background than more recent Jewish immigrants won 13 seats. A Russian immigrant based party, Yisrael Beitenu, won 12 seats.

Voters in Israel could easily have chosen to vote based on fear of the uncertainty of the Hamas government only 100 yards from the border of Israel. Or voters could have voted out of fear for the hawkish Likud Party and Binjamin Netanyahu would likely have championed some Isreali military strike against the potential Iranian nuclear threat in the region. Instead Israeli voters put more continued faith into the peace process with the Palestinians and more hope in the world community role in negotiations with Iran that could possiby peacefuly resolve the nuclear weapons concerns without a military conflict.

In the U.S. the Republican Party still commands the national security "fears" issue, as well as appeals to a strong right wing social conservative movement fueled by many modern Christian churches turning their backs on traditional Christian worship towards politics based churches. In the MidEast, democratic elections have only elected Islamic religious oriented candidates in Iraq or Shiite militia members who represent organizations that continue to participate in abuses against the Sunni ethnic community. In Iran an extremist gained power. And in the Palestinian region, Hamas, a terrorist organization that appeals to both Islamic fundamentalism as well as radical antiIsrael elelments has wrested power from the more moderate elements that were grown from the former terrorist PLO organization.

Israel faces real national security threats that easily could have added to MidEast tensions had they chose the Likud Party instead of the center-left coalition of Kadima and Labor to lead the next government. These voters deserve great world admiration for a very wise choice for their future. Despite the potential threat from Hamas, the hand of Israel remains extended for the continued peace process talks with Hamas. Despite a radical government in Iran that openly threatens Israel with wild and irresponsible statements, the trust of the people of Israel in the world community remains strong. Despite the U.S. missteps in Iraq, which has increased regional instability, lead to Islamic extremists or religious elements tightening control in the region as less moderate secularism, Israeli voters decided not to add to the problems of the region and voted heavily for a reasonable path in MidEast affairs and in their own domestic policies such as issues dealing with the workinh people of Israel.

The world should praise Israel's wisdom they displayed. Very commendable to say the least.


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