Sunday, March 26, 2006


Former Republican political strategist turned registered independent voter, Kevin Phillips has written a very worthwhile work in his newest book, AMERICAN THEOCRACY. This former strategist for Richard Nixon's 1968 successful Presidential bid has joined other former Republican strategists such as Ed Rollins in their misgiving about the change in role that the Republican Party has undergone with George W. Bush.

Phillips makes no apology that he does not like either George H. Bush or George W. Bush. Both are seen as managing to preside over a 50 point drop in approval ratings, where their White House's place in history was laregely destroyed by MidEast or economic related problems. Phillips even blames something in the Bush "genes" for this tendency towards inviting a wholesale swarth of destruction whenever a Bush is put in charge of the Amnerican presidency.

But there is also a larger essay by Phillips noting a rise of a Southern culture and a Protestant Evangelism that is radically transforming American society as much as other religious fundamentalist movements are transforming the MidEast towards radical fundamentalist politics. This religious society is being seen by Phillips as having Bush as their current leader, however his own deceptive misjudgements are having severe consequences for American society as mounting problems are driving his public approval ratings rapidly downward.

From both the fine work from Phillips as well as some supporting appearances promoting his book, one gets the perfect vision that Bush is presiding over a Nerolike decline of the American empire.

Indeed Bush even has stated the goal of leaving the final resolution of the Pandora's Box of Iraq up to the next president to resolve. Not only is this conflict at stake, but also a failed Bush Doctine of MidEast Democracy that has brought Iran greatly increased regional clout and sets the region up as a strong contender for the tinderbox point for a the next WWIIItype conflict over their quest for nuclear arms, as well as bringing the terrorist organiztion, Hamas, into power in the Palestinian Authority region area. And increased economic problems such as a greatly worsened national debt, greatly increased foreign debt as treasury bonds held by Japan, China and South Korea, greatly increase, and serious economic declines in American production of goods reduces the U.S, down to a mere "vendor" economy status.

Indeed, Kevin Phillips makes a very compelling case of the problems that Mr. Bush has created in the negative transformation of the Republican Party into the closest thing American democracy has yet seen as a religious party, as well conditions that spell out the steady decline of the U.S. as a society that mirror other collapsed societies such as Rome.


At 5:57 AM, Blogger Cyn_NY said...

Thanks for this book review, Paul. I will be certain to read this.

At 6:23 AM, Blogger Paul Hooson said...

Kevin Phillips certainly makes an important premise and essay in this book, CYN. It is a deeply thought essay and premise with profound implications on the nature of religious rule in the U.S. and the consequences of such a form of government.

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