Thursday, March 02, 2006

Yet Another Silly Right Wing Talk Radio Personality

Right wing talk radio personalities seem to flourish like weeds, and are often of nearly equal worth as well. Another absurd example is Jeff Kropf,R-Sublimity, an elected member of the Oregon State Legislature who refused to vote on issues at the Oregon State Capitol late this last session because he could make far more money offering opinions on right wing talk radio than in the Oregon Legislature.

Today, filling in for right wing talk show host, Las Larson, Kropf attacked the salary of teachers, and offered no sympathetic solutions to the $57 million dollar cash shortfall in the Portland Oregon School District which may force 150 teachers to lose their jobs and close as many as six schools.

It should be a telling factor when right wing talk show hosts preach to a choir that opposes school funding, and this alone should speak for itself.

It should also be a telling factor when a right wing legislator refuses to fulfill their elected duties when the money is better somewhere else, but opposes teachers earning a decent salary.

Kropf even refers to himself as "A Vision For Oregon's Future" on a state legislature Website. When this future only involves self interest and has no serious values for supporting vital services such as education, then most normal persons would ask what kind of a "vision" is this?

The absurd theatre of right wing talk radio goes on.


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