Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Power Elite Households Play Both Sides Of The DP World Deal

Among the top families of America's national ruling class, a curious split is taking place over the DP World ports deal. Former Senator and Presidential candidate, Robert Dole has been hired by the UAE government to lobby for the DP World deal, while his wife opposes it. And among the Clinton household, Senator Hillary Clinton opposes the deal, while her husbands is holding true to his globalist goals of the past, and appears to support the DP World deal.

In the UAE, former President Clinton has earned $450,000 for speaking engagments in this country. In addition, the Clinton Library has received $500,000 from the UAE.

Despite this seeming support for DP World deal by former President Clinton, his office officially claims that both he and Hillary clinton are in "lockstep" opposing the deal, despite this evidence that may suggest that this is another household playing both sides of this issue with the public.


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