Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Only "Good News" For Bush White House With 34% Public Support Is The Far Worse 28% Public Support Of Congress

While the awful 34% public approval for the Bush White House was recorded in the CBS poll released yesterday, an even worse score of just 28% for Congress went largely ignored.

This mere 28% public approval support is very significant. It proves the Republican Congressional leadership priorities of putting big corporate business interests first and ignoring the mainstream public ones, as well as the lack of issues that the Democrats seem to be championing are angering the majority of all voters.

In the coming elections, while Democrats tend to be currently showing more voter support traction than Republicans for the coming 2006 elections, it still should not be ignored that Democrats seem to manage to miss opportunities.

Even popular columnist, Joe Klein noted that Democrats "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity" yesterday on Lou Dobbs' CNN program.

It is very telling that Congress actually rates lower with voters than all the very public bumblings of the Bush White House. This could translate several ways for the 2006 elections:

1. Voters could vote for sweeping changes in Congress. However this seems unlikely because most Congressional seats are in relatively safe districts and while the opinion of Congress as a whole is low among most voters, many voters still tend to think that their own representatives in Congress as "good guys".

2. Many voters could be alienated, and not vote, allowing for possible slight Republican gains as these voters seem to be moltivated no matter how rotten the news.

3. Democrats could have the opportunity for big gains, but due to poor organization, fundraising and get out the vote projects fall far short when easy broad gains could have been made.

4. Republican voters feel disillusioned, and fail to support their candidates in big numbers, allowing Democrats across the country to slip by.

But by far the most interesting outcome was with the off year elections in New Jersey and Virginia where Democrats actually only held their own ground, instead of gaining any new ground, and actually failed to capitalize off any discontent with the Bush White House or the Republican lead Congress.

The poor approval rating for Congress is another interesting statistic to mull over.


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