Saturday, March 18, 2006

Vote For Friday's Most Wacky Political Moment!

Two of the year's most outrageous and unhinged political performances were presented yesterday. You can vote for yesterday's biggest winner:

Nominee One: A technical problem on one of the hard drives called a "filer" at Blogger resulted in a technical problem that brought down hundreds of Blogs for a couple days. While normal persons would accept this as a normal technical problem, over at one "conservative" Website, a number of opinions including a feature brought up absurd conspiracy theories including that because Blogger is owned by Google, and Google donates mostly to Democratic political candidates, then some "conspiracy" to take two political Blogs off the Worldwide Web was at issue.

Polipundit even used this wacky conspiracy theory language to describe the technical problem: "Blogger is owned by Google, whose employees give 98 percent of their political donations to Democrats. Coincidence?" to try to generate a false conspiracy out of this tehnical problem that affected hundreds of Blogs including those dealing with fashion, music, art, movies, families and other nonpolitical topics. In order to accept the absurd conspiracy theory promoted by some over at Polipundit, you'd have to suspend all common sense and accept that in order to remove just two "conservative" George Bush loving Blogs, that hundreds of others with no political nature at all were also removed in some sort of grand conspiracy.

Maybe to some people who don't believe that public opinion polls are even remotely close to actual public opinion trends or that the electronic and print media news does not even closely reflect actual real world events, this wacky conspiracy theory nonsense made some sense. Now today, there is no retraction or apologies offered for creating a silly crisis for what was only about about a two day interuption in service at two "conservative" Blogs and hundreds more Blogs before the technical problem was repaired and service completely restored.

Nominee Two. Oregon's 3rd District Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer has put forth another major proposal to withdrawal all the U.S. troops from Iraq. Unlike other Democrats such as Senator Joseph Biden who have wide foreign policy experience, and offer only very careful foreign policy related statements on talk programs, Blumenauer signed himself up to appear on the FOX TV program, HANNITY & COLMES to defend and promote this proposal.

Blumenauer should have expected that Sean Hannity, a staunch conservative would offer some hard questions to Blumenauer about his troop withdrawal proposal. Yet with only a single nonspecific statement by Sean Hannity, Representative Blumenauer fell completely apart and was simply reduced down to a hysterical state and only hollared around like a small child, complelety unable to offer any reasonable arguments to defend his troop withdrawal proposal.

The professors who educated Blumenauer at Lewis & Clark must have felt that all their educational efforts were wasted. All the classes in argument construction, evidence, etc. were totally wasted with Blumenauer who puts forth a major U.S. foreign policy proposal, but was absolutely unable to defend that policy. Next to his "firehat" photo opt while on the Portland City Council that made Blumenauer look like he was part of some special education effort or a "Make A Wish" project, this was by far the most silly Earl Blumenauer performance I've personally ever seen.

By contrast the former Chief Of Staff of former Secretary Of State, Colin Powell, Col. Lawrence Wilkerson has pointed out that the Bush White House at least "cherry picked" information in order to create the drumbeat to war in Iraq in 2003. Any information that proved that Iraq was not a WMD threat was set aside, and only the most questionable of information was soapboxed by Vice President Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and George Bush. Blumenauer was even unable to match this level of White House "blowhard" factor, by failing to offer any defense at all of his troop withdrawal proposal.

So you have a White House that "cherry picks" information to make a case for absurd and dangerous reckless foreign policy, and a Democratic opposition partially made up of wholly ineffective politicians like Blumenauer who put forth major proposals but cannot even defend their proposals when given the opportunity to do so.

Well there you go kids. You pick a winner. Nominee One, the wacky conspiracy theory to explain the technical problem over at Blogger or a Democratic Congressman who puts forth a major foreign policy proposal, but is wholly unable to defend his own proposal making all the falsehoods and misleading statements of the Bush Administration actually look very authoritive by comparison. I know it's a hard choice, crazy conspiracy theories to describe normal everyday events are pretty darn funny, but also so is a wilting Democratic opposition to Bush Administration proposals that makes the Bush White House look like an Einstein operation by comparison. You decide the more pathetic of the two Friday examples.


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