Saturday, March 11, 2006

Some TV Shows Get A More Dignified Trip To The Graveyard Than Others

Some TV shows met an undignified and humiliating end this year as some programs such as INCONCEIVABLE, THE BOOK OF DANIEL and HEADCASES met quick ends. Others such as the acceptably decent CBS SciFi entry, THRESHOLD, died a slow death over a number of episodes due to weak ratings. Even the acclaimed, COMMANDER IN CHIEF program may be in deep trouble because of lukewarm ratings, which are ending the also highly acclaimed WEST WING and ALIAS.

The popular WILL & GRACE comedy series will join other notable NBC comedies of the past, SEINFELD, CHEERS, FRASIER, NIGHT COURT and MAD ABOUT YOU, while JOEY, HOPE & FAITH, YES,DEAR and possiby even STILL STANDING are coming to less memorable endings.

For those that love TV, the ending of a series is always sad for the great ones and met with relative indifference about the very poor ones.


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