Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Since her days in SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and as Elaine Benes in SEINFELD, actress Julia Louise Dreyfus has never been able to find her stride. She has appeared in the quickly cancelled series, WATCHING ELLIE as well as guest appearances in ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, yet neither captured her greatness in SEINFELD as a strong supporting cast actress. THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE is another failure.

Not only is Dreyfus looking older than her SEINFELD days, but she attempts to have "Elaine Benes" style responses to comedy setups by a cast of mostly forgetable cast members. Only Wanda Sykes is really a worthy cast member. The others are easily replaced.

Every scene reminds you of a bad replay of a a great SEINFELD episode, with Dreyfus phoning in a pathetic replay of a former scene from a far better SEINFELD episode.

Is THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE beyond redeemption? No. But the the chances for a successful program that reminds you of a far better one are limited in my view.

Several years after GILLIGAN's ISLAND, Bob Denver was cast in an awful wagon train based semiremake called DUSTY'S TRAIL. Every cast member and episode was like a horrible version of GILLIGAN"S ISLAND. THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE brings up similar feelings for me. You beg to see the Julia Louise Dreyfus of a few years ago on SEINFELD, who was far better because the entire cast and writing of SEINFELD was far better.

Maybe CBS is counting on viewers to watch anything sandwiched between the very popular TWO AND A HALF MEN and CSI MIAMI. But for me THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE was sort of painful to watch. Whether it can grow on me or the rest of the audience remains to be seen.

Former SEINFELD cast members have also failed with Jason Alexander's terrible ABC TV's BOB PATTERSON and the somewhat better LISTEN UP. Michael Richards flopped fast in THE MICHAEL RICHARDS SHOW, which caught nothing good from his hilarious 9 year run as Kramer on SEINFELD or in the Weird Al film, UHF.


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