Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Most Inspirational And Least Inspirational Moments Ever Played In Basketball

Yesterday the 17 year old teen who scored 20 points in four minutes in his New York high school team got the honor of meeting with President Bush. It was one of the most warm and human moments ever for Mr. Bush as he very sincerely conveyed his admiration for high school senior Jason McElwain, who has already received 35 movie offers.

It was one of the greatest moments in basketball ever, to see a handicapped young person put on the type of performance you'd expect to see with Michael Jordan at his peak.

Tonight another milestone was achieved when the Portland Trailblazers NBA basketball team manages to only score 5 points in the fourth quarter playing against the New Jerset Nets, the worst one quarter score ever, even worse than the previous 7 point score in the pages of NBA history and statistics.

Despite one player, Zach Randolph, with a $80 million dollar contract, and Darius Miles with a $60 million dollar contract on this team, still the record books of awfulness were broken tonight in a team effort far worse than any team of handicapped players could possibly play by supposedly gifted athletes who earn as much playing in one evening as many persons earn working a whole year in a tough job.

It's the most uninspirational sports story ever told. Will the Trailblazers get to visit the White House and be honored as the worst one quarter NBA team ever?

It's nothing to be proud of and a real heartbreak to their loyal Portland fans. With many players on the Trailblazers just out of high school, maybe they need a kid from form New York that really knows how to score.


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