Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blond, James Blond

The producers of latest James Bond film are running into a few production problems with the use of the new blond haired James Bond, actor Daniel Craig.

There are reports that actor Craig told producers he could not drive the manual transmission in the Aston Martin DB5, and reportedly proclaimed, "ER...I don't do gears".

And the actor had some personal objections to handguns, and stated that, "I hate handguns....I've seen a bullet wound and it's a mess".

During the filming of the very first fight sequence, actor Craig suffered an accidental injury and lost two teeth, and demanded that his own private dentist be flown before filming could resume, according to a CNN report.

For a serious dramatic version of CASINO ROYALE, more true to the original Ian Fleming novel, there are already enough problems that are beginning to look like Woody Allen version.

Blond, James Blond.