Saturday, March 25, 2006

Some Stories Don't Remain Inspirational For Very Long

The MSM constantly looks for a good news story. There is so much bad news out there with Iraq and such that a good inspirational story really catches the public's imagination. However it seems that some inspirational stories don't stay that way for very long.

A few years ago what started out as an inspirational story that a strange little boy whose rat acted nervously awoke him and he got people out of a burning apartment building. A few days later the story turned to dust when it was indeed this disturbed boy who set the fatal fire that took several lives.

The MSM was excited about the NY autistic high school 17year old boy who scored 20 points in 4 minutes in the last regular season game of the year. Both the boy and his coach began to tour the country and do all the talk and news shows. More than 25 movie offers came in. Even the President had to meet with the boy. But when the same Rochester, NY team played for the state high school championship recently, there was no way that the coach would let the autistic boy play in the game. Only in a game in which the autistic boy could do no harm, during what was "garbage time", was he allowed to suit up and play. It was another inspirational story shot down in flames.

This week another inspirational story hit the dust. A family from Ashland, Oregon survived for 17 days in a mobile home that was snowed in. Right away the talk shows and news paraded the story as another great inspirational story. Again a flood of movie offers came in. But once again something came along to rain on this parade. The grandparents it seems were involved in a drug distribution scheme in Arizona and had outstanding warrants there.

The media wants that feel good story and hunts dilligently for it. But with more information, so many of these inspirational stories seem to go up in flames. Reality sure seems crummy sometimes.


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