Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Afghanistan Case Of The Death Penalty Against The Christian Convert Proves The Comeback Of The Taliban's Rule

In Afghanistan, the power of the Taliban and the comeback of their rule is no better illustrated that in the death penalty case against Christian convert, Abdul Rahlman. Rahlman converted to the Christian faith about 16 years ago while working with a Christian humanitarian group in Afghanistan.

There is all evidence that in the mountainous areas of Pakistan as well as in the village areas outside of Afghanistan's capitol city, Kabul, that the Taliban is once again gaining strength. There have even been some films made by the Taliban in Afghanistan that openly display executions against dissidents from the Taliban rule, where bodies are openly drug through the streets and heads hung on pikes in public squares.

It is also likely that Osama Bin Laden freely operates in this area and that the both the Taliban and the Al Qeada organization finance themself by selling drugs through the organized crime owned nightclubs in Macau, and make arms deals with North Korean generals and international arms dealers here. Even insurgent forces in Iraq freely buy international arms from places such as Italy where new handguns are very common that are produced in Rome's handgun factories.

International Christian Concern's latesy newsletter details abuses against Christians in Pakistan, Turkey, India, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Iran, Russia, China and Nigeria. A longer special feature highlights the dire state for Christians in Cuba. Often Christians do not send their children to Communist Party run schools because teachers pressuring students for sexual favors in exchange for advancement to the next grade level is so common.

In Cambodia, the fragile democracy is being threatened by by wealthy interests connected to international drug trade, big tobacco, big building and real estate interests, and other big money are creating a climate in which a crackdown on dissent flourishes and big money intersts increasingly rule the government.

The U.S. may have some serious flaws. But there's very evil world that exists outside of it's doors.


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