Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Can Things Possiby Get Worse For The James Bond Franchise?

A few days ago I wrote about concerns that many fans of the James Bond franchise had about new actor, blonde haired Daniel Craig, who lost two teeth during a stunt gone wrong, his inability to be able to drive the manual transmission in the Aston Martin, and his dislike of guns.

To many fans of the franchise, some wonder if James Bond has gone soft, or whether the franchise is worn out. Some might wonder if this means a "kinder and gentler" James Bond who would appear in watered down titles like ON HIS MOTHER'S SECRET SERVICE, COTTONFINGER, NERFBALL, LIVE AND LET LIVE, or other lame versions of the franchise. Others say that Daniel Craig will work out fine and both Dame Judi Dench and former James Bond actor, Rodger Moore have risen to the defense of new actor Daniel Craig.

But just when the worst of the critical opinions of the public may be over, two silly new examples put more absurd spotlight on the franchise. Daniel Craig offered to do a "full Monty" nudity if called for, for some strange reason recently. This has never been in any James Bond film, so why this was even brought up is something of a mystery.

But now, and even much worse, the 55 year old New Zealand born director of DIE ANOTHER DAY, Lee Tarnahouri, was arrested in California a few days ago dressed in drag of all things, and charged with prostitution solicitation.

Of all the James Bond films, CASINO ROYALE, is becoming the one with the most controversy so far. All the salary and lawsuit over royalty antics of Sean Connery and other disputes are being displaced by this problem plagued new film.

When it finally appears this November on the big screen, many might watch this time merely because of all the bad publicity and the interest it spurred. Sometimes even bad news is good news it seems.


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