Friday, March 03, 2006

All That Glitters Isn't Gary

With the latest outrageous fall from grace of Gary Glitter, even his old CDs and records are not even selling very well on Ebay. His major glitter-era competitor, Marc Bolan and T.Rex contines to sell very well by comparison.

There are 1501 marc Bolan items currently on Ebay, and only 390 Gary Glitter items. Other British pop notables such as Alvin Stardust, The Sweet and Mud have some items listed as well as some sales.

Gary Glitter's music such as "Rock And Roll Part 2" will like;y remain popular during major American sporting events, but Gary Glitter's career seems more than over after his latest brush with the law.

Marc Bolan was killed in a car accident in 1977 when he was a passenger in a Mini Cooper and his head hit the windshield. Many of the older Mini Cooper automobiles did not have locking front seats or seatbelts and were a very unsafe automobile.


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