Friday, February 17, 2006

Even Al Qaeda Offers Better Job Benefits Than Many Wal-Mart Jobs

When a member of Al Qaeda was arrested overseas, a shocking form was discovered that amounted to an Al Qaeda employment form. Unlike Wal-Mart, the terrorist organization offred up to three weeks of paid vacation time and leaves of absense if filed for in advance. In addition married members of the terrorist organization were paid a bonus pay of 6,500 Pakistani Rupees a month, while single members of Al Qaeda were paid a lower rate of 1,000 Pakistani Rupees a month. Some bonus pay was also possible.

And it is likely the terrorist organization offers some medical care or treatment to it's members as well, unlike Wal-Mart.

One job requirement for Al Qaeda that is unlike Wal-Mart, is a commitment to Islamic Jihad.

Besides the the strong draw of antiWesternism to Al Qaeda, one big draw may be that this terrible terrorist organization shows more respect for it's employees than Wal-Mart does. But 75% of big American businesses hire business organizations to prevent union organizing, and likely it would fail just as bad to unionize Al Qaeda as Wal-Mart, although Al Qaeda is more likely to draw in employee benefits by free will, whereas Wal-Mart fights even expanding health care to a few more employees with lawsuits and legal actions.


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