Thursday, February 16, 2006

News Babes?

One of the funniest reflections on the news by a few guys with too way much time on their hands is a few Websites that feature "news babes". While most persons are interested in the latest news facts, a few guys have found the cutest female newscasters the most important draw to the news and even spend a great deal of time creating Website shrines to their favorites with extensive Jpeg files of screenshots.

There are even new files started for what some guys believe to be a great new find or personal "crush". CNN's weathercaster, Bonnie Schneider as well as FOX's Grethchen Carlson, CBS's Tracy Smith and others have made this "honored" group of newcomers.

Falling somewhere between harmless to laughably pathetic, "get a life" type stuff, there are more than a few of these Websites on the net, proving the darnest thing will become the subject for a Website. One Website called "Jedi Council" has a feature as well. Just the name conjures up thoughts of 30 year old guys living with their mother wearing Star Wars pajamas watching the news with a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal. Jedi Council's Website refers to FOX news financial reporter Terry Keenan as "adorable"", Juliet Huddy as "criminally gorgeous", and a reply comment states, "Oh don't do this me. I'm suffering", and then then some explanation about the greatest SMALLVILLE episode ever follows. I nearly fell on the floor I laughed so hard.

Well as long as it's the subject, I'll play this funny game as well and name a few of my personal favorites. They include local Portland, Oregon's KATU TV's , Natalie Marmion with some of the greatest hair on television, CBS's Melissa McDermott & Tracy Smith, CNN's Bonnie Schneider & Soledad O'Brien.

Do these "news babes" make the latest terrorist attack in Iraq seem any better? Does the report of any bad news become any better with them? Well that's certainly open to debate. But for whatever reason some popular newscasters do draw both fans and ratings. And not just from members of the Jedi Council either. May the force be with you.


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