Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Abu Ghraib Photos Will Only Add To Western Media Incitement Of The Muslim World

New photos of American abuses of prisoners in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison have emerged in Australia, added to the recent Danish cartoons which depicted Mohammad in a manner considered to be blasphemous by many Muslims, as well as the newly released video of the British troop abuses of teenagers in Iraq, more Muslim anger is only likely to result.

The Western world is painting a terrible image of itself as a savage empire that disrespects the Muslim religion and ridicules it, mistreats and abuses Muslim citizens, and is setting itself up with for it's own broad cultural conflict with the Muslim world because of the outrageous and racist and dehumanizing abuses that it seems to perpetrate on the Muslim world. This is a terrible impression to leave, although largely not really an accurate image, but certainly one that is setting the Western and Muslim world up for a serious conflict or even a war based on a clash of the cultures.

It was also the grand hope of the Bush MidEast doctrine to trust in MidEast democracy, yet new signs are that Israel and the U.S. have active plans to undermine the elected Hamas government in Palestine by putting an economic squeeze on this radical government because just like the elections in Iraq and Iran, only turned out yet another Islamic government with many Muslim religious extremists. The new Bush doctrine appears to be to undermine MidEast democracy when the result are not acceptable, something that will only be viewed as more Western paternalism towards the Muslim world .

The U.S. is actively undermining any expressed intentions of goodwill towards the Muslim world with so many terrible publicly distributed examples of perceived disrespect towards their civilization. The Danish cartoons have helped to undermine the Western world to many in the Muslim world bringing down all of Europe into the mess that the U.S. and Britain have created for themselves.

So many examples of the disrespect of the Western world have mounted way too quickly upon one another in too short of a time frame. And one recent author has predicted U.S. military action towards Iran over their nuclear intentions may be required within two months time, further inflaming the Muslim world anger at the Western world, especially if other Western nations are involved in this conflict.

Increased protests, then terrorism, then war are the likely progressions towards a great conflict of the Western and Muslim worlds. This is deeply serious business. But putting the genie back into the bottle becomes more difficult with every new revelation in the Western press of a new perceived outrage against the Muslim world.

A peaceful dialog conference between the Western states and leadership in Muslim world would be very helpful at this point, to attempt to prevent tensions from exploding between the two major world cultures. Short of such a peaceful dialog and renewed trust, a steady slide towards violence and conflict are nearly certain outcomes.


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