Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rev. Pat Robertson Changes The "Sabbath" to Sunday

In yet another odd twist, Rev. Pat Robertson on Monday claimed that he had a "sabbath rest" on Sunday rather than shop at malls or elsewhere. Taking a day off to respect God is absolutely in line with Old Testament customs and teachings, however there is no evidence anywhere in Scripture that the "Sabbath" has been changed to Sunday, the first day of the week.

Jesus always honored the weekly Sabbath, which ran from sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday. Many early Christians who settled America honored this Sabbath. Adventists celebrate their church services on Saturday. And members of Jewish Synagogues honor God on this day traditionally as well. And the Ten Commandments demands a Sabbath that is kept holy.

Yet many in the Christian community disregard this, and instead celebrate church services on Sunday, the first day of the week instead. But many Christian conservatives have a far worse agenda. It is a form of "cafeteria" Christianity, in which portions of the Bible are selectively used and abused to promote pet political issues such as discrimination against homosexuals in employment, private prayer in seculur public schools, opposition to sex education programs, and other right wing causes, but otherwise show a blantant disregard for the teachings of even the Ten Commandments, which are actually the first of ten laws of the 517 laws of the Jewish faith.

At times Rev. Pat Robertson can be charming and very nice. And he is a great humanitarian with his efforts to further the "One" campaign and millions and millions of dollars of aid from Operation Blessing including help for children with cleft palates with his Operation Smile efforts. But like many in the Christian community, Rev. Robertson is wrong to refer to the first day of the week, Sunday as the "Sabbbath". Sunday never was the "Sabbath" and never will be.


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