Sunday, November 20, 2005

John Rice

Within the last few days John Rice, the 2 foot 10inch dwarf twin, who along with his brother, Greg became millionaire moltivational speakers and offered real estate wealth workshops, died from injuries after breaking his leg in a fall.

John was 53, and at birth his own real parents were so disappointed the their two newborn baby sons were dwarfs that they simply walked away and abadoned them at the hospital. Two janitors who were married at the hospital took them home and loved them as their own sons. They bought the boys cute matching sailor suits and other clothes. They loved the two boys and let them know thay might not be as tall as other boys, but they were just as good as anyone else.

Raised in this loving home, the two boys starred in films, gave moltivational speeches, appeared at religious programs such as Robert Schuller's Hour Of Power three times. Recently the two brothers shared secrets to making fortunes in real estate with others. The accident that resulted in death for John was sudden and unexpected.

John Rice proved that anyone can make as much of themself as they want. He was a great inspiration. He was greatly loved and admired. He'll be greatly missed.


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