Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Politically Weak Bush Allows Right Wing Thugs To Muscle His White House Around

As Bush grows weaker and weaker politically, strong forces within his party that he owes political favors continue to muscle him around. With the John Roberts nomination, big corporate contributors such as Wal-Mart no doubt played a major role in his selection of this corporate lobby attorney. Alice Walton, the Wal-Mart heiress, has already contributed more than $2.6 to Progress For America, the main organization that ran ads promoting Roberts to the high court. With issues involving Wal-Mart such as store sitings, labor or product liability lawsuits, Wal-Mart and other megacorporations had a tremendous financial interest in rebalancing the court as far as possible against the consumer and labor.

But as scandal, the worsening war in Iraq, and sagging public opinion polls begin to dominate Bush's second term White House, the far right who brought little financial contributions to the republican party find that they can also muscle around the White House as well. Bush chose his personal friend and attorney Harriet Miers to be nominated for the Supreme Court, but the far right proved that they could visciously attack her and force her out of consideration and force a far more confrontational choice. And this "brownshirt" political mentality looks forward to a division fight that will tear the country in two politically.

Normal people believe in a peaceful and civil political dialog, not a divisive dialog that tears the country apart in a new form of 1850's civil war "rebel yell" mentality. Where does such a crazy mentality of conflict come from. Scripture makes it clear that the devil is the father of all divisions and factions, and all conflict is from his very heart. Those that seek to injure America by advocating a deeply divisive judge like Alito and seek to impose a far right agenda on the country that is racist, antimmigrant, antilabor and anticonsumer, live only to fight battles. The far right raises money this way. They exaggerate the views of those they disagree with, and claim those they disagree with are evil, when the truth is Scripture plainly points out that the devil is the major source of the divisions and factions they create.

The leaders of the far right would be without a source of income from promotion of their invented "issues" for fundraising gain. They don't live to solve problems, but only to distort issues and create conflicts to base multimillion dollar fundraising on. The James Dobson's and Tony Perkin's of the far right would be without the access to millions in fundraising without having invented issues to exploit to live lifestyles comparable to the millionaire "lifestyles of the rich and famous". They can care less how much damage their promotion of conflict creates.

(Post Script: No it is not a typo that I refuse to capitalize the "devil". I refuse to even give him as much credit as to offer him capital letters. For me this is an important point)


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