Sunday, October 30, 2005

Iran Makes Itself A Focus Of New Fears Once Again

With Iran's new comments this last week of seeking the complete destruction of Israel, the world community has new reason to be alarmed. While Iran claims to seek nuclear power for peaceful ends, the statements about Israel send up red flags to the world community that seeks MidEast peace and stability. It also puts Shanghai military alliance states such as Russia or China in a difficult position. These nations both profit from arms sales as well as other trade with Iran, yet it is not to their advantage to create the possible cornerstones for WWIII by assisting the possible development of nuclear weapons spun off from even a peaceful use of nuclear power in Iran.

With vast resources of oil and natural gas reserves in Iran, it has failed to prove to many that a need for the peaceful use of nuclear power to supply it's energy needs exists. And the tense and reckless statements of Iran only serve to remind the world community of Israeli or U.S. concerns that Iran probably seeks peaceful nuclear power only to spin off a weapons program to create a serious conflict in the MidEast. Unless effective sanctions from the U.N., an effective change of policy by Russia and China towards Iran, then military action by Israel or the U.S. could result, and a serious war may ensue in the MidEast and completely destabilize the MidEast or even result in WWIII.

This week America was reminded once again of troops still in Japan and Germany. And troops still remain in tense South Korea along the border with North Korea. And with a major commitment of troops in Iraq, the U.S. forces are increasingly spread thin throughout the world.

Iran has a military that numbers in the millions. The conventional American forces in Iraq would face a difficult military situation to repel a massive conventional arms invasion by Iran in response to any Israeli self-defensive attack to prevent the Iranian development of nuclear arms. Involvement of U.S. aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf would be required to protect the American ground forces in Iraq, and the use of antiship Silkworm cruise missiles by Iran may even result. A difficult chain of events in which it would be difficult to put the genie back in the bottle may result.

Unfortunately Iraq was a beginning of new chain of serious situations developing in the MidEast. But the apple cart will really tip over if the world community does not constructively respond to Iran's goals of seeking nuclear energy development. Their own statements this week point out why they should not be allowed by the world community to seek nuclear energy programs.


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