Thursday, October 27, 2005

Two Refreshing Views Of Religion That Stay On Message

This week I happened to pick up two spiritually refreshing items, a copy of Watchtower and a copy of On Chanting Hare Krishna. What makes both of these items so refreshing is the genuineness of the faith of both groups who published the two magazines.

With such a tendency of some to soil the Christian faith, by attaching it to some of the most repressive and bigoted politics, to see two groups of very religious persons who stay away from politics and promote a healthy view of God. Both The Jehovah's Witnesses and The International Society For Krishna Consciousness reflect a view of God that is hopeful, promising and truly uplifting.

Unlike many Indian religions, the Krishna faith is monotheistic, and has high praise for all major Holy books such as the Bible, Torah and Koran. And Jehovah and Allah are both held in high praise as a unique understanding of persons who belong to those respective faiths. Jesus is also held in high regard as an incarnation of God on earth as well. And the rules that the Krishna members live by promotes a respect for living creatures by avoiding animal product foods such as meat, fish or eggs. It is a positive Indian based faith that deserves the highest of respect by members of other faiths.

And the Jehovah's Witnesses also promote a very positive view of faith, that earns them also a high level of respect as well. Members of this faith will help to repair damaged homes in the hurricane disaster areas. Members of this church also build their own houses of worship as well. Most members of construction groups can build a church over a two week period. This is very remarkable.

Unfortunately some in the politically conservative religious community have abused the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court to debase the Christian faith by involving it in some very unChristian debate. But at least some others respect God enough not to bring disgrace on their faith, and also recognize the real power of prayer and the power to hear the will of God in their lives.


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At 10:05 AM, Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

Apparently it goes a lot deeper than the catch phrase "religious right." See The Christian Prophet blog.

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