Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Iran's Military Organizes Insurgent Fighters In Iraq

One virtually unknown fact is that the military of Iran, the Revolutionary Guard, trains and organizes terrorist and insurgent cells to kill coalition forces in Iraq. Both America and Britain have suffered many deaths from these efforts actively organized by the Iranian military.

The largest terrorist insurgent organization directly organized under the direction of the Iranian military, is the Badr Brigade, that involves as many as 12,000 insurgent fighters currently in Iraq. Other organizations such the Mujahedin For Islamic Revolution In Iraq may involve less fighters, but appear to be an elite organization of terrorist fighters.

With a hardline government that is defying the world community by breaking the IAEA seals on the Isfahan reactor, claiming that a "peaceful" use of nuclear power is intended, the real goals of building a nuclear weapons force appears to be the most likely goal of the extremist government of Iran.

Maybe for fear of Iran using mines or other means in the very narrow Strait Of Hormuz to stop all oil flow to the U.S. and the West, until only recently, both American and British military intelligence has publicly ignored the organized Iranian military threat. This appears to be politically based. It is a strange war when enemy combatants are not publicly acknowleged. However for months I indicated here that the U.S. has a cease fire treaty with the antiIranian government terrorist organization, the Mujahedin-e Khalq, and Iranian fighters challenge both bases of this organization and coalition forces in Iraq as well. Vietnam proved that when a war is fought politically, with boundary limitations, and combat limitations, a war of this sort cannot be won. The Iraq War is also being fought with political, military and boundary limitations, and is the prime reason that America has not been able to secure Iraq and probably cannot secure Iraq. The Iraq War simply cannot be won with such limitations.

The war with Iran started only days after the beginning of the 2003 war in Iraq, but only within the last few days has anyone in the Bush Administration acknowleged an active Iranian military effort. That came only days ago from Donald Rumsfeld.


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