Sunday, July 24, 2005

Progress For America?

Another shadowy 527 is back again, just in time to promote John Roberts to the highest bench. No one had ever heard of Progress For America until 2004. But taking advantage of the campaign regulation loophole that allows shadowy organizations like this to pop up out of the blue and promote single issues, Progress For America is using a high priced television blitz to put former corporate lobbyist attorney, John Roberts on the high court.

In 2004, some familar names in right wing politics popped up to support Progress For America with buckets of cash. And no doubt many of the same folks will be back again this year.

The Amway DeVos family gave $4 million to Progress For America in 2004. T. Boone Pickens, Texas oil tycoon used his cowboy boots to kick in $2.5 million. And Alice Walton, billionaire heir to the Wal-Mart fortune contributed $2.6 million. Ameriquest Capital contributed $5 million. A. G. Spanos Construction Company gave another $5 million. And many more top donors gave big amounts so that this 527 had a $44.9 million dollar warchest in 2004. This year after public disclosure documents are filed, it will be fascinating how much this organization raises to put Robert on the bench.

I call this website Progressive Values because I stand for values that promote a social progress for persons as well as spiritual concerns for the nation and world. On the other hand, Progress For America, is only a "progressive" organization if you consider putting a former corporate lawyer lobbyist for the coal industry on the Supreme Court who promoted the coal industry goals of gutting clean air laws and antistripmining laws. If you consider damage to the great earth that God gave as a gift as "advancement" then that is only meaning of "progress" one can stretch out of "Progress For America".


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