Friday, July 22, 2005

The Good News From London

Despite the outrageous incidents in London today, there still was plenty of good news. Compared to the attacks of two weeks ago that so far killed 56 and wounded 700, today's attacks looked like they were carried out by The Three Stooges by comparison.

The bombs appeared to be very similar to the bombs with the first attacks, two weeks ago. But the first bomb substances, basicly acetone and peroxide according to an expert interviewed on FOX news, could have all been produced at the same time as the first bombs, but lost their potentcy by sitting two weeks. This caused only the detonators to blow, but not the main bombs themselves. This is very fortunate because both Scotland Yard and MI5 now have a great deal of evidence to trace down the hardware or paint store that the bomb supplies were purchased at.

And instead of striking during the peak morning rush hour traffic in London, this bunch of cowardly terrorists decided to set their electric clock "snooze" controls and sleep in. They struck well into the 12 noon hour, when the subway and buses are very lightly used. Compared to full subway cars or buses at peak hours, a terrorist attempt this late in the day prevented many injuries with the light passenger load.

And since the suicide bombers failed to blow themselves up, this leaves at least four "wanted" persons to track down and to reveal more evidence and take down this entire terrorist organization in London.

The bad news may be that another four terrorist bomb attempts were made today. But the very good news is no real injuries, and plenty of evidence to take down an entire cowardly organization that victimizes mainly working people traveling to work. Thankfully this badly botched operation will probably lead to arrests and bring this entire network of political criminals to a swift end. Sometimes there is good news to report. And this is indeed very good news.


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