Monday, July 18, 2005

The Lakewood Church Miracle

This weekend saw yet another miracle for America's fastest growing moderate mainline Christian church, Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, as it opened it's new home in the arena that formerly was home to the Houston Rockets. With seating for 16,000, this is now America's largest church. Compared to so many fundamentalist churches in America, who often become politically involved, the young Pastor Joel Osteen has been able to keep his church an upbeat church, that avoids controversial and divisive topics, and is home to all believers.

Pastor John Osteen suddenly died in 1999, after constructing a positive church that was open to all races and offered a positive life affirming outreach that appealed to many moderate Christians. His young son, Joel a cameraman for his father's religious programming suddenly found himself forced into the unlikely role of assuming the role of Pastor for this growing church. And with his winning smile, upbeat message, Joel was a magnetic force that attracted many new members to his church. And a very popular bestseller book, as well as a growing TV ministry, has made Joel a favorite new force in modern religion to replace aging Christian leaders such as Billy Graham.

The Christian church needs a great positive leader like Joel Osteen. The Christian right is a division force, where a moderate church open to all is vital today. The Christian church is not just a church for conservatives, but liberals and moderates need large mainstream churches with many services to meet their spiritual needs as well. And Lakewood now has the power to offer many services to the members of this church, including programs for children and familes, and missionary programs to help the poor in Africa and other places.

It is my hope that Lakewood Church will set an example for other churches, and it will grow into a moderate Christian movement that will sweep America. It will set an example for a moderate and positive Christian church revival in America. The Christian church needs this positive movement. The church is no place for political or racial divisions, and Lakewood Church sets a wonderful and positive example for a bright future. God bless and grow this moderate faith revival movement.


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