Saturday, July 23, 2005

Corporations That Influenced Government In June

Money is the mother's milk of politics. And in June, disclosed public reports from the political parties indicate which corporations are contributing funds in order to help influence policy. There are some notable corporations among the listed, as well as corporations hoping to shape debate on policies or to alter possible government regulations.

The Republican National Committee disclosed some large june donor corporations. These include defense contractor, Northrup Gruman which benefits from large military spending such as on the Iraq War, which gave $25,655 in June. Large pharmaceutical manufacturer, Pfizer, Inc. gave $25,180, and can benefit from numerous government policies towards the pharmaceutical industry including regulation or new product development. Technology company, AMD gave $25,000 in June. And Alladin Industries, which is heavily involved in refrigerator related products could benefit from relaxed government regulation of chloroflurorcarbons(CFC's) in their refrigerator product mananufacturing. And a long list of corporations donated to Republican causes including the Political Action Committee of Tom Delay.

The Democratic National Committee also disclosed some major industry political contributors as well in it's public June report. Bain Capital, gave two $26,700 donations. While invested in many industries, much of Bain Capital's funds are in pharmaceutical companies currently. American Standard Development also contributed $26,700 in June. And Aqvar Chemicals donated another $26,700. But better known, Warner Bros. donated $51,700 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which can have an impact on issues dealing with new technology such as file sharing software which large motion picture studies claims has hurt their industry. Another company, Shangri-La Entertainment contributed $26,700 to the Democratic Congressional Committee among many other corporate contributors. Many more corporations donated to Democratic causes as well.

And as of June this year, PACs(Political Action Committees) from Wal-Mart Stores Inc. PAC has contributed $328,500 to politicians or parties. Federal Express, PAC has contributed $518,000, Halliburton, PAC has contributed $37,000 among many corporate PACS that seek to influence politicians, parties or policy.

But the biggest winner for June, has to be William R. Timken, Jr. who is Chairman of Timken company. There was an organization of contributors to the 2004 Bush Presidential Campaign, called the Bush Rangers who contibuted $200,000 or more. And there was another group of contributors who only gave $100,000 or more called the Bush Pioneers. William R. Timken, Jr. was a member of the Bush Rangers who donated more than $200,000, and now is being named by Bush as Ambassador to Germany.

There is no real "liberal vs. conservative" political struggle in the real world of political influence, the one in that corporations influence government with big contibutions to parties and politicians year in and year out. Corporations seek to influence policy, stall regulation, or even seek tax advantages to advance their corporate efforts. And sometimes even are rewarded an ambassadorship as well.


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