Sunday, May 15, 2005

Horrors From Haiti & The Privileged Existence Of John Bolton

Most Americans live in relative affluence and comfort compared to the populace in Haiti, a mere 90 minute plane flight from the U.S. , and the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. There is very little real infrastructure in this nation, as all the years of terrible political misleadership have promoted an environment not at all conducive to business investment. There is 75% unemployment, and 50% of the people are at or near starvation levels. Amid al this suffering. Add to this random political violence that has killed 600 since September, kidnappings, car jackings, random acts of gun violence, gang activity, and state sponsored massacres in which the guilty are never brought to justice by the state, police or court system, you have a dysfunctional nation that falls far from "heaven on earth" standards.

Unbelievably, this nation is set to have elections in October. And 37 year old Guy Philippe, the rebel leader who overthrew former Catholic priest, and democratically elected President, Jean-Bertrand Aristide. While half of the nation suffers without enough food, Guy Philippe gives campaign speeches and fundraises for his election efforts. After the overthrow of Aristide, Philippe was seen riding in a victory celebration into the capital city in a bright and shiny SUV. A SUV is probably needed to drive over all the garbage which is not taken a city dump, but rather simply thrown in the street where children, pigs and rodents all wallow in it. Many children become very ill from intestinal worms from this total lack of sanitation standards.

And former Prime Minister, Yvon Neptune is reported by family and friends to be near death from a hunger strike he has been on since April 17. The official government claims not so, as any good state propaganda unit surely would. Mr. Neptune has been jailed for 10 months without any official charge by the government.

Haiti, America's Caribbean neighbor and a voting U.N. member. Can the arrogant and privileged nature of sucessful attorney, John Bolton, close 30 year friend of Karl Rove and member of the defense contractor industry organization, The Project For The New American Century ever be able to fully understand the suffering of just this one U.N. member state. There are 191 U.N. members, and many are nearly as desperate as Haiti, with a nonending cycle of poverty, hunger, political violence and death. Yet there are those Senators who insist John Bolton is the right man for the job. His only well known position on the Caribbean, is that Cuba should be expanded into thought in the war on terrorism in his 2002 , "Beyond the axis of evil" speech. Without a rich knowledge of the human suffering in the Caribbean, only understanding the Caribbean in terms of AntiCastro sentiment, rather than the human suffering that allows such poor governments to flourish, than where is there any hope to be had in Bolton?


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