Friday, May 27, 2011

Cd Review: Lady Gaga BORN THIS WAY

Lady Gaga's latest anticipated album is perhaps her best effort ever, available in both standard 14 track and expanded 22 track versions. It's both very listenable and enjoyable with plenty of great songs that are danceable as well as lyrics that offer encouragement and upbeat messages. The title track, BORN THIS WAY, is available in two different versions on the expanded album, but other remixes, etc. exist of this song as well. While a great piece of pop music, that reminds some of Madonna's EXPRESS YOURSELF, the lyrics are a favorite of some groups such as LGBT community as well, who have embraced the song's message.

There's so much strong material here, including the opening track, MARRY THE NIGHT, the controversial JUDAS, THE EDGE OF GLORY and more. There's a lot of great material here, where Lady Gaga seems to have inherited the pop diva crown from both Madonna and Britney Spears, producing a great effort recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios.

With so many disappointing new album releases so far this year, it's so good to see an album of great infectious rhythms and danceable numbers. This is a joyful and upbeat positive album that will make her fans very happy. And the album has reportedly sold over 1 million copies this week alone. That's darn good. But, this is a darn good album.

The Bottom Line: Lady Gaga really strikes gold here with an album that's probably her best ever. It's a very good album. +++1/2 Stars, or nearly excellent. Buy this album and love it to death!